2011 Digitally remastered "Terminal Breath (2011)" out in march 2011 via,, iTunes, amazon, ...
2010 New album "immer voran!" out in september 2010 via,, iTunes, amazon, ...
2009 Recording new CD "immer voran!"
2008 New songs - like "Komm Naeher" and "Waehle".
2000 Live support of 'Plastic Noise Experience'
1999 CD "What Is Fear ?" released. Label: Out Of Line. Lineup: Kâzim, Claus, Antje, Das Tier(n.h.), Der Arbeiter(n.h.).
1998 Recordings for the next release "What Is Fear ?".
1995 Maxi CD "Have Fun" released. Label: G.A.-Records.
1993 Debut CD released: "Terminal Breath" .Label: G.A.-Records. Best known Track: "Das zweite Leben" appers on many hit-lists.
1992 Members: Kâzim, Tanja, das Tier (n.h.), der Arbeiter (n.h.). Stefan leaves SERPENTS.
1990 Second Demo-Tape released in June 1990: "Until Eternity". Members: Kâzim, Stefan. Live concerts in Germany and other european countries.
1989 First Demo-Tape released: "The Clock Strikes The Midnight".
1988 SERPENTS are founded March 1988. Members: Kâzim, Stefan, Frank, Nicole.